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Week Two: 27th April - 1st May



For maths, you will be using the White Rose Maths Home Learning Website.


  1. Click on the link for your year group below.
  2. Watch the video on the White Rose site for whichever day it is.
  3. Complete the activity for that day (GET THE ACTIVITY): sometimes it will ask you to pause the video at a certain point and then have a go at the activity - do whatever the video asks you to do.   You can complete the activity:
    1. In your home learning book (you don't need to copy out the question - just write the question number and the answer); or
    2. By printing and completing the worksheet, if you are able to do that.
  4. Ask your parent, carer, or perhaps your older brother or sister to get the answers from the website (GET THE ANSWERS) and mark your work.  If you got any wrong, you can talk about why it was wrong.


This week's work to send to Mr Grundy is the Thursday 30th April maths work.  Parents can email a photo of the work, or you can type your answers into Purple Mash and send them to Mr Grundy - this should be done no later than 3.30pm on Friday 1st May, please.


Click HERE for Year 5 Maths - White Rose


Click HERE for Year 6  Maths - White Rose





Read the document above: it's another week of activities based on a short story by Kevin Crossley-Holland - this time the story is Ouch!


These are the daily activities you should complete:


Monday 27th April: Activity 1 - when you read it aloud, you should ideally have someone listening to you.  Remember to use good expression to read what is said (you could try using different voices to make the characters sound different from each other?)

Write down 5 words to describe the shepherds.

Then write down 5 words to describe the woman.

Write about which of the characters you admire the most and, most importantly give reasons for your choice.


Tuesday 28th April: Activity 2 - Revise verbs and present and past tenses.

Look at the Revision Cards (p3) to remind yourself about verbs and about the tenses.  Then complete the Ouch! Activities (p4).


Wednesday 29th April: Activity 3 - Now for some writing.  Write a paragraph about what the shepherds did next. What trouble did they get into this time? 


Thursday 30th April: Create a design for the woman's sun-and-moon brooch.

Then do an illustration to show the 5 shepherds with their legs all tangled up!  TAKE YOUR TIME with this to make it your best effort.


Friday 1st May: Pretend to be one of the shepherds, telling the story of what happened in his own words.  Remember to include details that make it from his point of view - you can do this as an oral retelling: so telling the story out loud to a member of your family, or you can write it down - your choice!