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Rainbow Fellowship of Church Schools

In the changing educational world, schools across the country are looking for ways in which they can work in partnership with other schools and organisations to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in their care. As a school we have entered into a formal agreement with Pierrepont Gamston Primary School and St. John the Baptist Church of England Primary School in Colwick. This agreement involves a commitment to work more closely together to support each other and collaborate in a variety of mutually beneficial ways – a collaboration we have called ‘The Rainbow Fellowship of Church Schools’ (giving the opportunity for other schools to join us in the future). The rainbow motif recognises the three schools’ distinctive identities as well as the concepts of promise and commitment.


Over time we have worked with the Pierrepont Gamston and Colwick schools on a range of projects including additional English and mathematics lesson for children in Year 6 who are working at the higher National Curriculum levels, holding some joint staff meetings, moderating work across the three schools to fine-tune our assessment judgements, joint in-service training days (including two Rainbow Fellowship Conferences), a joint residential experience for children in Year 2, regular inter-school sports competitions and working together on the ISingPOP! CD in 2013. Our joint concert in September 2013 in Southwell Minster was a celebration of our commitment to work in collaboration with each other.

'Rainbow' Fellowship Football