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Week One: 20th-24th April



For maths, you will be using the White Rose Maths Home Learning Website.


  1. Click on the link for your year group below.
  2. Watch the video on the White Rose site for whichever day it is.
  3. Complete the activity for that day (GET THE ACTIVITY): sometimes it will ask you to pause the video at a certain point and then have a go at the activity - do whatever the video asks you to do.   You can complete the activity:
    1. In your home learning book (you don't need to copy out the question - just write the question number and the answer); or
    2. By printing and completing the worksheet, if you are able to do that.
  4. Ask your parent, carer, or perhaps your older brother or sister to get the answers from the website (GET THE ANSWERS) and mark your work.  If you got any wrong, you can talk about why it was wrong.


Click HERE for Year 5 Maths - White Rose


Click HERE for Year 6  Maths - White Rose

This week's Year 6 work is about angles.  If you have a protractor at home, that's great! 

You can do all the questions.

If you don't have a protractor at home, don't worry!  You can STILL do ALMOST ALL the questions.

If it says 'measure' then you need to use a protractor - the only questions that have this are:

Monday - 1(a)

Tuesday - 1(b) and 1(c)


For all questions where it says 'work out' the angle - you need to use the rules you have learnt to WORK OUT the angles - so you don't need (AND SHOULDN'T USE) a protractor for any other questions.




Read the document above: it's a week of activities based on a short story by Kevin Crossley-Holland (the same author who wrote Short! which we read in class last term!).


These are the daily activities you should complete:


Monday 20th April: Activity 1 - when you read it aloud, you should ideally have someone listening to you.  Remember to read it in such a way that the surprise in the story is made really clear, and try to use actions to add to your storytelling.

For the missing words section, write these in your home learning book or on the sheet, if you are able to print it.


Tuesday 21st April: Activity 2 - Revise adverbials.

Complete the adverbials activities 1 and 2 on pages 5-6, after reading page 4 to remind yourself about adverbials.


Wednesday 22nd April: Activity 3 - Now for some writing.  Write a paragraph about what might happen next in the story. What will the girl do about all the butterflies? 

This is the piece of work that you need to send in so that I can see it.  Please send this work to me no later than Friday 24th April - you could do this by:

- parents can email a photo of written work or attach a typed version (in word etc.)

- you can type it in Purple Mash and save it in the Class One folder - email me to let me know where it is, if you do this. 


Thursday 23rd April: Research the 'Mount of Butterflies' Online - then make a poster about what you find out about the mountain, and about Monarch butterflies.  You can do the poster in your home learning book, or on a blank piece of paper, or using PowerPoint (if you have it) or on Purple Mash.


Friday 24th April: Make your own spectacular butterfly design - you can (carefully) copy the template into your book if you can't print it, or use the Butterfly Paint template on Purple Mash.