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Week Four: 11th-15th May

This week's work to email

to Mr Grundy is the

Wednesday 13th May Maths work





For maths, you will be using the White Rose Maths Home Learning Website.


  1. Click on the link for your year group below.
  2. Watch the video on the White Rose site for whichever day it is.
  3. Complete the activity for that day (THESE ARE NOW FOUND BELOW - ON THIS PAGE): sometimes it will ask you to pause the video at a certain point and then have a go at the activity - do whatever the video asks you to do.   You can complete the activity:
    1. In your home learning book (you don't need to copy out the question - just write the question number and the answer); or
    2. By printing and completing the worksheet, if you are able to do that.
  4. Ask your parent, carer, or perhaps your older brother or sister to get the answers from below and mark your work.  If you got any wrong, you can talk about why it was wrong, and maybe do any corrections.



Click HERE for Year 5 Maths - White Rose Videos

(Worksheets below)


Click HERE for Year 6  Maths - White Rose Videos

(Worksheets below)



Read the document above: it's a week of activities based on the second part of 'Skimbleshanks' by TS Eliot.


These are the daily activities you should complete:


Monday 11th May: Activity 1 - Watch the video of the sleeper train to London (below):

Make notes about 5 things that you learn - you can watch it more than once.

Would you like to go on this journey?  Why/Why not?

Tuesday 12th May: Activity 2 - Read Skimbleshanks part 2 (p2-3 of this week's document).

Listen to your favourite of the performances from last week (linked again below):

Highlight (or write down) any vocabulary from the poem that you are not sure about - THIS is YOUR CHANCE to learn some new vocabulary! 

You can look up words on the kids wordsmyth website:

Wednesday 13th May: Activity 3 - Practise parentheses
Use the Revision Card (p4) to remind yourself about commas, brackets and dashes for parenthesis.

Complete Skimbleshanks Vocabulary (p5).

These are sentences about vocabulary in the poem, but each sentence needs commas, brackets or dashes.


Thursday 14th May: Try learning some of the poem off by heart: aim for at least 4 lines.


Friday 15th May: Use the Railway Times template (p6) (or do something similar in your book) to write a newspaper article about Skimbleshanks.  You need to draw a suitable picture to go with the article.