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Hello Parents,

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for yours and the children’s hard work these last 2 weeks. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to see your pictures, videos and smiley faces as I walk around the village.

It’s been tricky to parent, teach and work all at the same time so I need to say a huge well done to those of you who are attempting any combination of those! YOU ARE HEROES!

Make sure you read the words in the image above, they couldn’t be more true right now.

Have a lovely Easter Holiday, you deserve it and I hope you manage to relax and enjoy some family time together.


With love,
Mrs B 😊



Welcome to Class 4’s School at home learning menu. We hope that you will be inspired to continue our daily learning at home. Use this as a time for the children to teach you about how we do it from Phonics to Story time.  Please use the links on this page to help with the different activities.   Any work completed can be recorded in your 'Home learning book' or Tapestry so we can see how you are enjoying your home learning time.


Many thanks,

Mrs Black, Miss Asher and Mrs Cox

Super Sentences

Just for our reception children! Our daily early morning letter formation practice. Children need to be able to see the super sentences in order to copy them. I am sure they'll tell you exactly how we do it.


Twinkl is a fantastic resource which has online games and downloadable sheets. It is currently FREE for parents to join and use. There are lots of phonics activities so the children can apply their phonics knowledge. 

English and Phonics 



Active Time

We use lots of these sites already so the children may have their favourite!


Purple Mash

Creative Time


Remember we love to be creative too! There are so many lovely things you can do together or with siblings from making playdough to science experiments!