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'Sports Day' at Home

As you might have seen in the newsletter, those children in school will be taking part in a 'sports afternoon' as we can't do a proper Sports Day due to coronavirus...


For those of you who aren't in school at the moment, this page is to challenge you to try some sporting activities at home!  Or perhaps in the park.


Here is a picture with a few challenges for any age group:

That might be a bit small, especially if you're reading it on a phone, so here's a repeat of what it says:


Not Quite an Egg and Spoon Race

Ask an adult what you can use.

It could be an apple, a balloon, or anything else that is round.

How many laps of your garden or living room can you do in 1 minute without dropping your object?


Balance Challenge

How long can you balance on one leg?

OR (Harder Version!)

How long can you balance on one leg while keeping an object balanced on your head?



How many skips can you do before you stop?


How Far Can You Jump?

Start with your feet together. 

Jump forward, keeping your feet together.

How far did you jump? (maybe there's a tape measure in the house that you could use to measure your jumps).


Tennis Racket Bounce

How many times can you bounce a ball on a tennis racket before it falls off?

If you don't have tennis stuff, you could try using a frying pan and a rolled-up pair of socks instead.




Here are some inspirational videos to get you in the mood, each one linked to one of our school values:


Take Care

When Jonny Brownlee was in difficulty in the Triathlon World Series, his brother Alistair sacrificed his own chance of winning to take care of his younger brother.



Usain Bolt believed in himself and achieved many gold medals in the Olympics and the World Championships as well as world records in his events.


Teamwork: Team GB 4x100m Relay

Nobody expected Team GB to beat the USA in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, but through teamwork they achieved success!


Enthusiasm: Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool have just won the Premier League with a record number of games to spare and Jurgen Klopp is a big reason why.  His enthusiasm is an important part of why he is successful.


Perseverance: Derek Redmond

WARNING: This one's emotional!

In the 1992 Olympics, Derek Redmond was running in the 400m for Great Britain.

Injuries had caused in problems in the previous 4 years, but he was determined to get a medal this time.

Sadly, in the semi-final a hamstring injury made him stop running part-way through the race.

What happened next was PERSEVERANCE in action! (you'll have to watch it to see exactly what happened).