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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Craig Moxham, Head Teacher and SENCo

Mrs Jenny Grant, Deputy Head Teacher


Mrs Jenny Grant - Year 5/6

Mr Jeremy Grundy, Class Teacher - Year 3/4

Mrs Lucy Smith, Class Teacher - Year 2/3 (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Helen Pearson, Class Teacher - Year 2/3 (Wed-Fri)

Mrs Emily Black, Class Teacher - Reception/Year 1


Mrs Mel Cottee, Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs Vanessa Harper, Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6 (PT)

Miss Bethany Kendall, Teaching Assistant - Year 5/6 (PT)

Mrs Sue Wilby, Teaching Assistant - Year 3/4 (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Fran Pattison, Teaching Assistant - Year 3/4 (Thurs/Fri)

Mrs Chloe Hurst, Teaching Assistant - Year 2/3

Mrs Michelle Tyreman, Teaching Assistant - Reception/Year 1


Mrs Sue Pearson, School Business Manager


Mrs Sue Pearson, Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Helga Wills, Midday Supervisor

Mrs Chloe Hurst, Midday Supervisor

Mrs Michelle Tyreman, Midday Supervisor


Mr Steve Tucker, Caretaker


Mrs Juliette Orr, Cook Supervisor

Mrs Donna Ogden, Kitchen Assistant