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Previous Summer Term Learning



As we enter the summer term, we are going to be moving to a more lesson - based approach for English and Maths and would like to confer with children and their parents  to check how the children’s learning is going, giving feedback and support linked to the objectives covered.  

In order to do this we will need to be able to receive work from pupils directly and be able to send feedback to them. 


We have created a new class email for Class Four.


This email address will purely be to receive work as required (more information on this below) and should not be used as a method of general communication with school.  


The two methods that are already established for communication (the reply to text service and the contact pages on the school website) are where parents should contact the school if they have any queries about anything other than the work being set.  


Please send an email to our class email address to access support via teacher feedback on summer term work as we are unable to contact you until you contact us, even if your email address is used by the school office.


Work will be put on the website after Easter and each week we will be asking for specific pieces of work to be returned to us for feedback. You can do this by taking a photo of your work and emailing to the class address. We will only be giving feedback on these specific pieces of work. The expectation will be one piece of English to be returned to us for feedback every two weeks and one piece of Maths to be returned to us for feedback every two weeks. Any other work will be looked at but no feedback will be given.


Email replies will become active from the 20th April, so please do not worry if you don’t receive an email before then. 

We look forward to beginning this process and ask that you work with us to ensure it is as successful as it can be in this new era of teaching.  


Mrs Black, Miss Asher and Mrs Cox